Let's move our economy forward

Let's build an economy for all Canadians, not just one Texas oil giant.

As the federal government contemplates propping up a texas-based oil conglomerate with a taxpayer bailout, reasonable voices in the business community are calling for common sense to prevail.

The Kinder Morgan Pipeline is bad for our economy, it undermines Canadian-grown jobs, and it’s plainly unfair to Canadian business people and taxpayers.

The project is also fundamentally unethical when we consider how it undermines Indigenous rights, the ecological and economic costs it foists upon future generations, and the reported corruption of our politics and democracy.1

We recognize the energy sector has made a major contribution to our quality of life and to the Canadian economy. It should be recognized and celebrated. 

But the inevitable transition to a clean economy has already begun and locking in our dependence on fossil fuels for decades will hurt workers and businesses.

Earmarking billions of dollars—on top of existing subsidies2—to bail out this giant Texas oil company is money that could be invested in Canadian startups, healthcare, education or other critical services.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project is out of step with the future prosperity of Canada.

To help build a better future, we need reasonable members of the business community to speak up now. Indigenous communities are leading the charge and millions of people from across the country have taken action. Now it's our turn.

Pouring billions of dollars into a failed Texas-based business project is a bad deal for Canada.

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