Mike Anderson, C.E.O., A.M.Anderson Farm and Woodlot Inc.
Sue Earle, Proprietor, Duck Creek Farm
Michael Silver, Owner, Earth Temple Gardens
Annette Clarke, Owner, Exotic Fruit Nursery
Tallulah Winkelman, Office Manager, FarmFolk CityFolk
Connie Kuramoto, Owner, Gardens on the Go
Gabriele Wesle, owner, Green Croft Gardens
Dr Ellen Guttormson, HighviewFarm
Martha Drennan, Business Owner, JMR Stables
John Kidder, President, Kiddergarden Hops & Herbs ltd.
harry warner, Lee Road Commune
Sue Luzia, Owner, Luz-A-Lot Farm
Jen and Rick Maynard, Owners, Maynard's Southlands Stables Ltd.
Victor Straatman, CEO,
Warren Brundage, President, Midori Ecologic Corporation
Leah Noble, Owner, Noble's Ark
Kyla Williams, Co-Manager, Offhand Farm
Dan Jason, Owner, Salt Spring Seeds
Brian Steele, President, Steele Greenhouse Components
Kahlil Baker, Executive Director, Taking Root
Jane Squier, owner/operator, The Garden Greenhouse and Farm
April Davies, owner, The Gardener
Gary Diers, Owner, Tipiland Organic Produce
Lianne Shyry, Owner, Two Bees Apiary
David Avery, President, AEI
Lisa Giroday, Co-founder/owner, Victory Gardens Coop
Joanne Vivian, Owner, Vivian Farm

Animal Services

Heath Purdy , Owner, TD Services
Hayley Sinai, Owner Operator, Wags Away
Lisa Brasso, Owner, Walkies Dog Walking Service

Architecture, Design and Construction

Alex baxter, Owner, Alex baxter roofing
Andrea miller, Andrea miller design
Patty Archibald, Owner, Designer, Archibald, Sheppard Design
Mike Nakahara , Owner, Assured Renovations
Sham Dhari, President, Atek energy systems
Len Laycock, CEO, BGB Global Solutions Ltd.
Bob Page, Black dog projects ltd
Darlene Gering, Co-Founder, Bridge2Work
Rob Sieniuc, Principal, Broadway Architects
Monty Chong-Walden, Cofounder/CEO, Calmura Natural Walls Inc.
Michael Munro, President, Cariboo Country Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
Alan Chamberlin, Owner/Manager, Chamberlin Carpentry
Vern Buchholz P.Eng, Consultant, Electrical & Renewable Energy
F D'Ambrosio, Owner/Principal Architect, AIBC FRAIC, D'Ambrosio architecture + urbanism
Sean, President, Diamondback Interiors Inc
Michael Dragland, Designer, Dragland Design Build
JJ West, President, Eco-Engine Corporation
Gord Baird, Owner, Eco-Sense Living
Leeanne Mueller, Owner, GardenSong
Gord, GordonjonesHVAC
G. Archibald, Principal, GPH Mechanical
Elizabeth FitzZaland, Owner/Principal, Green City Builders, Inc.
Lisa Jackson, Controller, Hakai Energy Solutions
Tim Bartoo, Director, Harmonic Functions, Inc.
Harry Hirsch, HarryHirsch Consult
Ben Mills, P.Eng, Principal, HiH Energy
Andrew Igel, Owner, Igel Architecture
Jamie Wallace, owner, Jaan Designs
JC Scott, Senior Design Partner, JC Scott eco Design Associates Inc
Jesse Veenman, Owner, JV Architectural Sheet Metal
John Karsten, Owner, Karsten Construction
Stuart Keenan , Owner, Keenan Backhoe Service
Bryn Davidson, Co-Owner, Lanefab Design/Build
Andrew Larigakis, Principal, Larigakis Architecture
Jessie Kunce, President , Litehome Developments Inc
peter francis, President, MagO Building Products
Michael Mann, Creative Director, Mannkind Design
Martin Knowles, Owner and Photographer, Martin Knowles Photo/Media
Gustavo & Siobhan Martinez, Owners/Operations, Martinez Hardwood Floors
Shirley Samples, Secretary, National Electric Co. Ltd.
Robert Stupka, Partner, Nido Design Inc.
James Pike, Owner, North Enderby Design And Construction
Sheila Paul , Secretary/Admin, Peter Paul Drywall
Bill Gilfoy, Owner/operator, Progressive Landscapes
Bill & Louise Gilfoy, Owner, operator, Progressive Landscapes
Cliff Francis , President , Prophit Management Ltd
campbell Macdonald, CEO , Proxxi
Romilly Cavanaugh, President, R Cavanaugh & Associates Inc.
Jason Packer, Principal, Recollective Consulting
Robert Rosenstand, President, Rosenstand Ent.
Illarion Gallant, Principal, Rusnak Gallant
Rae, Owner, Saltspring Tile
Cinci, Operations, Sea to Sky Removal
Ann Baxter, secretary/treasurer, shorehaven builders
Meghan McCarthy, Owner, Solidago Landscaping
Robert Baxter, President, Solshare Energy
Ramona Vrapciu, Accountant, SOV Construction Inc
Sarah Bjornson, Partner, Studio Bjornson Architects
Rosina Rodighiero, SunRoot Permaculture Design
Heinz W. Nussbaumer, Owner, SwissPro Developments
Tracy Douglas, Owner, Teva Design
Barbara Seeley, Owner, The Affordable Gardener
Anna Sakawsky, Founder & CEO, The House & Homestead
Cory Thorson, President , Thorson McAuley Certified Professionals
Matt Baird, Ceo, Toba Builders Inc.
Dylan Roberts, Owner, Traverse Building Solutions
Tony Pantages, Co Founder, Unbuilders Deconstruction
Anthony Walker, Owner, Walker Painting

Art, Design, Photography

Daphne Woo, Founder, Amacata Design Concepts
Andrea Palframan, Owner & Lead Consultant, Ampersand Communications
fiona mclean, An Teallach
Penny Naldrett, Art of Engagement
Deanna Smith, Owner, Artvark Type & Design
Amy Sandidge, Owner, Bareback Leather
Jason Steeghs, Owner, Director, Big Picture Communication
Rebecca Kirstein, Owner, BK Studios Photographers
Rob Cunningham, CEO, Blackbird Interactive
Neacol Miller, Owner, Bling Squared Cute Glass
eric, bowlinephoto
Jane Cox, Principal, Cause+Affect
Kevin Suggitt, Principal, ChaosCreative Software
David Hatfield, Leadership Consultant and Conflict Facilitator, David Hatfield
Jordan Lewin, CEO & Creative Director, Digital Sparks Media
Eileen McGann, CO, Dragonwing Music & Arts
Elisabeth, Owner, Enchantments - TattooArtist
Erik Zennstrom, Erik Zennstrom Photography
Bo Bossin, Proprietor, Folksinger
Pascal Tremblay, Co-founder, Good Kind
Hadas Levy, In the Name
Ingrid Valou, Owner/Designer, Ingrid Valou Handmade Jewellery
Leanne Furlani, Owner, Invision Creative
John Preissl, Owner, John Preissl Photography
Julie Mackinnon, Owner, Julie Mackinnon ceramics
Zia Kalyan, Cinematographer, Kalyan Studios
Kamil Bialous, CEO, Kamil Bialous Photography
Jim Lawrence, Founder, Kootenay Reflections Photography
manon tremblay, CEO , Manon Tremblay garden design inc
Melissa Searcy, Melissa Searcy Ceramics
Michelle Lorna Nahanee, Creative Director, Nahanee Creative Inc.
bill friedel, CEO, owner, Orca Design Ltd.
Roy Arden, Roy Arden Art
Chelsea Gieschen, Royal Printers Ltd.
Sabina Hill, CEO, Sabina Hill Design Inc.
Isabelle Swiderski, Founder, Seven25 design & typography inc
Christie Roome, Sweet Memory Art
Taylor Gauthier, Taylor Gauthier Designs.
Andee Pittman, Principal Designer, Teal Strategies
Meagan Carver , President , The Beloved Teacup
Franke James, Co-founder, The James Gang Iconoclasts
Adrian Sinclair, Director of Engagement, Transformation Projects BC Inc.
Bruce Batchelor, President, Trelawny Consulting Group Ltd.
Ed Sadler, Uptempo Music Lessons
sarita mielke, graphic designer, owner/operator, wild free creative
Patricia MacGregor, Owner, Zuk Design


Fred Hall, Owner, CLOUD SAILOR
Karen Flynn, Consultant, KF Consulting
Lori Koop, Owner/Operator, Legacy Music Studio
Val Poirier, CEO, Poirier Tutor Services
Colin Mansell, CEO, RED Academy
Ruth Campbell, Ruth Campbell BA LLB
Keith Ippel, CEO, Spring Activator Inc.
Valerie Speidel, Studio-be
Ed Sadler, Owner/operator, Uptempo Music Lessons
Fares Boulos, Professor of Strategy & President, VBM Consulting
Brett Parker, Director, West Coast College Prep Academy
Bruce Carron, Owner, WildSpirit
jean-claude Catry, co-founder/director, wisdomoftheearth
Katy Bigsby, Consultant, Bigsby Consulting
Jeanette Kramer, CEO, Latitude International Education Inc.


Devin Card, Aerial Vista Productions
Joleen Mitton, CEO, all my relations LTD
Jacqueline Voci, Be The Change Marketing
Darren Barefoot, Founder, Capulet
Laurie Cooper, Cooper Plus Communications
Coreen Mayrs, President (Casting Director), Coreen Mayrs Casting Inc.
Cory Van Ieperen, Corycatures
Chris Carter, Producer, Creative Media Productions
Dan Batchelor, Owner/President , Dan Batchelor Productions
Dwane Roberge, Photographer, Dwane Roberge Photography
Jason Bailey, Chairman and Founder, East Side Games Inc.
Don Xaliman, Proprietor, Energy Discs Records
Leonard Schein, President, Festival Cinemas Ltd
Jennifer Abbott, Producer/Director, Flying Eye Productions Inc
Jon Cooksey, President, Fools Bay Entertainment, Ltd.
Tara Mahoney, Creative Director, Gen Why Media
Byron Smith, Greenhouse PhotoGraphix Inc.
Heike Brandstatter, President (Casting Director), Heike Brandstatter Casting Inc.
Katherine Dodds, Founder, Director, Hello Cool World Media
maggie laird, film scout, Island Film Scout
Janice Wong, Janice Wong Studio
Judith Marcuse, Founder/Director, Judith Marcuse Projects/ICASC
HS Chan, Host, Kachan Podcast
h.cynamon, Kick films
Guy Prouty, Owner, Legacy Family Films
Leslie Anthony, principal, Leslie Anthony Creative
Rina Liddle, Liddleworks Indie Media
Paul Manly, President, Manly Media Ltd.
Ron Jacklin, CEO, Media FX Group
Joely Collins, Owner/Founder, Million Faces Productions Inc.
M, Art Director, MJvisuals
Tarah Stafford, Partner, Montserrat Ink
M Hassaan Rahim, Managing Partner, MRKS Media
Peter G-G Productions, Owner, Peter G-G Productions
Tim MacArthur, owner, picobello talent inc
Emira Mears, CEO, Raised Eyebrow Strategy
Christopher Roy, CEO, Salt Spring Media Ltd.
steve yanor, CEO, Sky Alphabet Social Media inc.
Mitchell Beer, President, Smarter Shift Inc.
Gillian Darling Kovanic, Owner, Gillian Darling Kovanic
Patrick Tasci, Owner, Soundwerks Audio Video Systems Inv
Devon Cooke, Producer, Storybubble Media
Winston Helgason, President, The Embassy Visual Effects Inc.
Tina Jones, Artist, Tina Jones Music
Suzanne Jabour, CEO, Tolus Productions Ltd
Christine Abrams, Accounts Receivable Manager, True North Design
Kelly Uren, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
Paul L McGowan, Director, VideoLAB
Valerie Sing Turner, Artistic Producer, Visceral Visions


Robert Safrata, Partner, Changequity Investments Inc.
Elena Yugai, Investment Manager & Director of Advisory Servicer, Helder Ventures
Joel Solomon, Partner, Interdependent Investments
Jack Assterton, Manager, Jack Assterton Assoc.
Neal Jennings, Proprietor, Neal Jennings, Chartered Professional Accountant
Bonnie Foley-Wong, Chief Investment Innovator, Pique Ventures
carol Newell, president, principal, Renewal Partners Company
rgoyen, Proprietor, rgoyen
Sarah Carty, Accountant, Sarah Carty Inc
Stephen Whipp, Ownert, Stephen Whipp Financial
Mike Winterfield, CEO , Active impact investments
Andrew J. Winston , Fastwater Media Corp Inc.
lloyd baron, President and CEO, Horizon Pacific International
Michael Barkusky CPA, CGA , Owner, Michael Barkusky CPA
Michael Goodman , Chairman, Tri City Monthly Income Mortgage Trust
Reena Lazar, Partner and cofounder, Willow End of Life Planning
Leroy mcfarlane, owner, Yorelwest Investment Advisors


Louise Graham, CFO, Oceanfood Sales Ltd
Sonia Strobel, Managing Director, Skipper Otto's Community Supported Fishery

Health & Wellness

jennifer apedaile, acupuncturist, abundant life acupuncture
Michael Fergusson, Founder and CEO, Ayogo Health Inc.
Vesanto Melina, MS, Registered Dietitian, Becoming Vegetarian Nutrition
April Kuramoto, Sole Proprietor, BLYS Yoga
Jalen Séguin, Owner, BodyMind Path
Shaun MacDonald, Clinical Counsellor, Bonfire Counselling
Paola Ardiles, Co-Founder, Bridge for Health Co-operative
chris abraham, President, C. I. Abraham Medicine Professional Corporation
Celeste Jason, Owner, Celeste Mallett Jason Yoga
Dominica Sweet, Owner, Dom's Naturals
Patricia Mills, Doctor, CEO, Dr Patricia Mills Inc.
Heidi Lescanec, ND, Dr. Heidi Lescanec
Nancy Prober, Dr. Nancy Prober, R.Psych.
Meghan Gorosh, Sole proprietor , Elan Wellness
Tim Gerwing, Integral Coach, Evolution By Heart Coaching
Gary Smith, President, Fraser Heights Animal Hospital
michele Todd, Director, Gaia Garden Herbals Inc.
Sara Fralin, Gaia Yoga
Beverley Maclean, CEO, Healthy Awakenings International LTD
Rick Winters, Owners, Horizon Spa
Karin Beviere, Karin Beviere
Patricia Fockler Beaty, S/E, Dr Patricia Beaty
Eric Mathias, Owner/Director, Moksha Yoga Burnaby
Ted Grand, Co-Founder, CEO, Moksha Yoga Incorporated
Tessa, Director, Moksha Yoga Kingston
Hannah Johnson, Co-owner, Moksha Yoga North Vancouver
Kristy Soper, Studio owner & teacher, Moksha Yoga Squamish
Christa Mabee, Moksha Yoga Stratford
Rachel Beck, owner, Natural Options Healthcare Consulting
Erica Frank, MD, MPH, Founder and President,
Elina, Owner , Oceanside Therapy
Peter Grainger, Owner, Peter Grainger RMT
Mardon Nordine, Owner, Pura Vida Massage Therapy
Karlo Kowalczyk, Director, Restore Human
Janet , Founder, Rinse Labs Inc
Sharon Whitethunder Baldock, Owner, Sacred Source Medicine
Sarah Goble, Owner, Sacred Space RMT
Maggie Ramsey, CEO, Salt Spring Health Centre
Diane Bernard, CEO, Seaflora Skincare Inc
Shelly Silva, Shelly Silva Massage and Reflexology
Stephanie Peter, President, Stephanie Peter Counselling Ltd.
Kent, Director, Symmetrix
Matthew Breech, CEO, TallGrass
Lora Teuschler, Administrator, Teuschler Dental Lab Inc.
Carissa Joy Links-Gowe, Owner/Coach, The Art of Joy
Sarah Jane Smith, Owner, The Nest Hot Yoga
Danielle Leclair, Owner & RTCMP, Totality Acupuncture
Arthur Truscott, Owner, Trutouch Massage Therapy
Janice Clarfield, Director, Urban Yoga
Mrs. Helena Smolock, President, Velocity Athletic Training
Ilana moon, Acupuncturist, Victoria massage Acupuncture
Lori Waters, Owner, Waters Biomedical Communications
Nicole peers, Wildwood yoga
Beverly Osachoff, R.TCMP, Yaletown Acupuncture
Katie White, Owner, Yoga 10 Studio


Alex Lyons, Owner, Al’s Gourmet Falafel and Fries
Jackie Avery, Co-Owner, Bandidas Taqueria
Aiyana Kane, Owner, Bandidas Taqueria
John Stevens, Founder, BEAR with SALMON
Jennifer McCarthy, Owner, BLUHOUSE MARKET AND CAFE
John Carswell, Proprietor, Brentwood Bay Village Empourium
Karri Schuermans, Owner, Chambar Restaurant
Rebecca Kneen, Co-owner, Crannóg Ales Ltd
Amanda Swinimer, Owner/operator, Dakini Tidal Wilds
Benjamin Ernst, Co-owner, Earnest Ice Cream
Alexandra Brigham, General Manager and Co-Owner, Eternal Abundance
Mauricio Lozano, Owner/operator, Faculty Brewing Co.
Jen Rashleigh, Therapeutic Gardening Coordinator, Farmers on 57th
Kalvin Clark, Owner Operator, Foodie Fix Tacos
kyle Gerrard, Owner, Green Artichoke fine catering
Shane Devereaux, Owner, Habit Coffee
Chris Higgins, Owner, Higgins Residential Rentals
Juvarya Veltkamp, CEO, Holey Crumpets
Claudia Galea, Owner/Operator, L'Harissa Hot Sauce
Paul Natrall, Mr Bannock
Neil Thomson, Founder and CEO, Naked Snacks
Arran Stephens, CEO, Nature's Path Foods Inc.
Miki Kikuchi, Organicgaia foods
Deboah Maguire Tucker, Owner/principle Interior designer, REnaissance Interiors
Mickey McLeod, Co-Founder/CEO, Salt Spring Coffee
Gerda Lattey, Owner/Director, Salt Spring Wild Cider
Jessica Duncan, CEO, Singing Bowl Granola
Ron Stead---retired, owner, Steads Roadhouse Inn
Patrick Connelly, Co-Founder, Sunday Cider
Mara Mennicken, Owner & Operator, The GOOD Chocolatier
Jacqueline Doll, President, The Local Lift Juice Bar
Tara Hollingsworth, Westover B&B
katalin zambo, Owner, Wild Trails Coffee
Cheryl Gravkin, Owner, Wine Kitz Vancouver
Samantha Harron, Owner, The Cob Salon
Paul Shore, Owner, The Shores at Lund


Raynard von Hahn, Genesis Law Corp
Lorna, Owner, Law & Mediation office of Lorna jaynes
Kyle Hyndman, Partner, McCrea Immigration Law
Leslie Palleson, North Shore Resolve
Pattie Whitehouse, Proprietor, Personal History Service
Stefan M. Kruse, Stefan M. Kruse Law Corp
Anna Pugh, Owner, Anna J Pugh Law Corporation


Pat McCarthy, President, A Bread Affair
Will Jung, President, Bokoeco Partners
Kim Hauner, President, Inter style Ceramic & Glass
Tracy Humphreys, CEO, Salon Label Inc
Jeff Mock, Owner/Operator, Silverking Soya Foods
Austin Austin, Founder/Lead Designer, Softly Holding Ltd.
Shain Jackson, president, Spirit Works Limited


Bruce Cutayne, President, Blue Moose Promotions Group
Denise Taschereau & Sarah White, Co-Founders, Fairware
Sonny Wong, President & Creative Director, Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group
Stefan van Mourik, Founder & CEO, Lucid Visuals
HeatherLoewen, Chief Instgator, MadeLocalApp Inc.
Christopher Roy, CEO, Marketworks
Natasha Kong, Creative Director, Marketworks Media
Brandon Siemens, Director, See Together Media
Howard Chang, CEO, Top Drawer West
Harvey McKinnon, President, Harvey McKinnon Associates


Neil Cooke-Dallin, Burning Rainbow Studio
James Ong, Owner, James Ong Piano
Andrew Ross Collins, Mariko Music Publishing
David Embry, Owner, Blue Lotus Music


Deborah Bledsoe, President, 0981224 BC LTD
Sarah martel, 4 elements farm
Kaare Long, CEO, a Cue Creative Consulting
Andrew Paine, AP Tackleworks
Barbara Ferguson, Owner, Barbara
Laurel Fairclough, Owner, Beachway Vacation Rentals
Johanna Stiver, Being Possible Coaching
Helen Goodland, Principal, Brantwood
Sitka Spindler, ClearHeart Botanicals
Shea Long, Owner, Coastal Lifestyles Photography
Denise Nyce, Owner, Creative Radiance hair studio
Annabelle, CEO, Dlight
Donna johnstone, Clothier, Donna johnstone
L. E. Danard, Owner, Emelie Enterprises
Cera Rivers, Fairy Cakes
Abhijeet Singh, Farmland
Frances Litman, Creative Officer/Community Networker, Frances Litman Multimedia Inc.
Hannah Stone, Gohannahstone
Elinor Warkentin, Owner/Operator, Goodbye Clutter!
Sonny Wong, President & Creative Director, Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group
Pat Charlesworth, owner, Hammerhead
Hanna Munneke, Hanna Munneke Media
Helena Lyman, Founder and CEO, Helena Lyman for World Health
Jonas Pilheden, Owner, Helping hands
Sheen Sagalongos, Co-founder, Kanekta
kari mathieson, kari mathieson catering
Greg Tooke, Co-Founder, Light Traiul Consulting
Bruce Harnden, Director, Luke Land Consulting Ltd
Maddalena Acconci, Owner,
Maria Roth, Maria Roth
Elke Vogelpohl, owner, Mica Mountain Lodge & tours
Rita Logen, PASH
Adrianna Hepper, Founder/Operator, Free Pet Sitting Exchange
Paige FARACI, Owner, Priestess+Deer
Shayne Smith, K-9, LPO, Security
Yom Shamash, President and CEO, Shamash Ideas
Raeann Medley, Owner, Shambhala Clothing
Rachel Forbes, Principal and Lawyer, Sharp Six
Catherine Sherlock, Founder, Sherlock Ink
mike dick, owner, stark raving tattoo
Michael Lyall, Owner, Steady Custom Goods
Ward Bingham, Stratasure
Taylor Cooney, Strathcona Design
Erica J Pinsky, The Respect Business
Ulrieke Benner, Ulrieke Benner
Tanya Hiltz, President, Wisteria Community Association
Michael Solkshinitz, XeroWaste Solutions
Vic Brice, past president, Nanaimo Curling Club

Professional Services

Bernard Hink, Traditional hunter and gatherer, Chilcotin First Nation
Rhiannon Ommaja, Dr., Nootka Rose Hobby Farm
Lisa Osei, Mrs, Soul Sister Collective
christine williams, Ms., Christine Williams
Lisa Barrett, Director, Pacific Policies
Lindsey Haist, Principal Consultant & Restoration Ecologist, Alder Environmental Services
Angelika Hackett, Translator/Interpreter, Angelika Hackett
Dave Hall, Owner/Senior Archaeologist, Arrowstone Archaeological Research and Consulting Ltd.
James Boothroyd, Principal, Boothroyd Consulting
Brenda Broughton, President, Broughton Consulting Group
Jennifer Mayberry, Principal, Carlyle Environmental Consulting
Scott Scholefield, President, Colorz HUB Enterprises Inc.
Christine Callihoo, Sr. Community Resilience Planner, Community Planning
Cordell Jacks, Founder, Cormara Enterprises
Fatidjah Nestman, director, Cura Institute for Integrated Learning. Inc
David Hendrickson, David J Hendrickson Consulting
Stephen Elliott-Buckley, President, E-B strategy
Toby Barazzuol, Dream Leader, Eclipse Awards
Sue Maxwell, Principal, Ecoinspire
Niki Westman, CPA, CGA, Environmental Youth Alliance
Courtney Sands, Sole Propreitor, Fine Tuning Nanaimo
Alison Shaw, Principal, FlipSide Sustainability
Dawn Bowles, Owner, Flpurish Ventures inc.
Carrie Gallant, President, Gallant Solutions Inc
Jean Gardner, Proprietor, Gardner Networks
Chris Browes, CEO, Glacier Export Ltd.
Martin Golder, Principal, Golder Mediation and ADR services
Jeremy Gye, President, Gye and Associates - Urban Forestry Consultants Ltd
Desmond Rodenbour, CEO, HGMS Ltd.
Gabriel Yiu, President, Insightful Mind Consulting Inc
Travis Gertz, Co-founder, Louder Than Ten
kenny, owner, macintyre projects
Robert Barrs, Principal, Modus Planning Design & Engagement Inc.
Keena Hicken-Gaberria, President, New Leaf Enterprises
Vesanto Melina, MS, Registered Dietitian, Nutrispeak
Hilary van der Meulen, Co-founder, Open-i Advisors Inc
Willem Buitendyk, President, Pacific Coast Fishery Services
Shahrokh Khorram, President, Panalytics Research Group Inc
Peter Holt, President, Praxispoint Consulting Group
Andrew Greer, Community Catalyst/Founder, Purppl
Barbara Huisman, President, QBS Quality Business Solutions Inc.
John Kay, CEO, Realize Strategies
Richard Marcuse, Proprietor, Richard Marcuse Consulting
Robert Anderson, President, Robert Anderson & Associates
Sebastian, Owner, Roundtable Consulting Inc.
John Stonier, President, Signature Renewables Inc.
Meror Krayenhoff, President, SIREWALL
Eric Anderson, Managing Partner, Smartpoint Advisory Services Ltd.
Jodie Tonita, Executive Director, Social Transformation Project
Nancy Bradshaw, CEO, Spark Strategies
Andrew Stuckey, President and CEO, StarNorth Communications
Andrew Stegemann, Stegemann Consulting
William (Bill) L. Cassidy, Owner/Operator, Stumpy’s Safety Services
Hussein Hallak, Founder, Supirio Consulting Inc
David Van Seters, President, Sustainability Ventures
lloyd baron, founder,
jay, Director, TCI
Victoria Michels, Sole proprietor, Thunderbird File Management Consultant
Brent Hammond, CEO, Trailblazer Business Consulting
Tucker, Tucker’s Junk Removal
Jose Luis Gutierrez-Garcia, Project Director, Upcycle the Gyres Society
Urszula Lipsztajn, CEO,
S.B., Owner/operator, Waypoint Signs
Kate Sutherland, Principal, Zenka Management Ltd
Chloe Gow-Jarrett, CEO, 3Fold Partners
Jo Anne Gin, Principal, Avid Consulting Group Ltd.
Lezlie Wagman, Principle, Charles Street Consulting
Brian Fisher, President, Druid Consults Ltd.
Theodora Carroll, Founder, EDPRA consulting
Anne-Marie Dekker, Owner, Four Loves Coaching and Training
Mike Rowlands, President & CEO, Junxion Strategy
Warren Te Brugge, Founder, Manzimvula Ventures, Inc.
Lea Elliott, Principal, Naturehood Ecological Consulting
John Finlay, Founder and CEO, Public outreach fundraising.
Donovan Woollard, Principal, Transom Enterprises Inc
Sandra Nomoto, CEO, Conscious Public Relations Inc.


Bryn King, President, Dayspring Studio Inc
Eva van Loon, The Pack Press

Real Estate

Jay van de Wint, Director, 542241 BC Ltd
S. Slobodian, owner, Detached Holdings
Nicolas Schuermans, Owner, Kabgayi Holdings
Peter Raab, Owner, Peter Raab Personal Real Estate Corp.
Sarah Hamilton, Barrister and Solicitor, Sarah Hamilton Law
Mary Cleaver, Team Leader, The Mary Cleaver Group (Real Estate)
Vickie Mitchell, Realtor, Vickie Mitchell's Real Estate
Andrew Eden Reid, President, Hadden Properties
Esther Chetner, President, Heart of Gold Holdings Inc

Renewable Energy

Alexandre Vigneault, Principal, 3EYOND Consulting Group
Kevin Pegg, President, EA Energy Alternatives Ltd.
Jason Jackson, CEO, HAKAI Energy Solutions
ian king, king solar contracting
Risa Smith, Director, Salish Sea Renewable Energy Coop
Kjell Liem, Owner, Saltspring Solar Ltd.
Cheryl L Sinclair, Owner, Willet Solar Energy
Gerry Gaydos, Founder CEO, Bumblebee Electric Vehicles + Solar Energy
Rob Baxter, Principal, VREC Solar


Gabriel Yiu, Co-owner, Angela & Gabriel’s Flower’s Inc
Kolin Lymworth, owner, Banyen Books & Sound
Natasha Maynard, President, Bending Lines Apparel
Katie Burke, Co-Owner/Curator, Bohemia Consignment
Marc Monsarrat, Owner, Bookmarc Books
Miles Wishlow, Business owner, Corner Store
Vicki Pauze, Owner, Country Woods Garden and Gift
Darcy Green, CEO, Drizzle Apparel Co
Bryan Dubien, Owner, Foxes at Play games store
Jen MacCormack, owner, Hip Baby
Glyn Lewis, Owner, Kent Street Apparel
Sara Blenkhorn, Director, Leverage Lab
Michele Maxted, Owner, OM Gift Baskets
Ruth Chantrell, Ruth Chantrell Design
J. Gaffney, Co- owner, Salt Spring Screen Print
Lahna Tran, Owner, Shoe Phix Boutique Inc
Cher Thorsen, Owner, Underables Apparel
Angelo, Iwner, Axe and Reel
Lee Larkin, Owner, B.C's Wild Heritage Plants
Melva Forsberg, Babylon Buttons Ltd.
Katy Parsons, Co-Owner, Bohemia Consignment
Dash Liu, CEO, CoShelf
Erian Baxter, Co-owner, Deep Cove Outdoors
Linda Tang, Owner, Dream Designs
JACK MCCULLOUGH, CO-OWNER, Form & Funciton Funiture LTD
Brant Cheetham, Co-Founder & CEO, GrowOya Plant Irrigation Inc.
Cristi Lundman, Owner, Huckleberry Baby Shop
Kym Barnett, CEO, Kym's Plants
Jackie Thomas, Owner, Lita’s Mexican Foods
Patricia Massy, Owner, Massy Books
Desiree Ross, Owner/operator, MODLUX INTERIORS INC
Brianne Miller, CEO, Nada
Coralie, Narrative Thrift
Megan Curren, Room6 Retail & Design
Brennan Fitzgerald, Founder and Owner, SEA Change Clothing Co
Regan McEachnie, Director, Spy Security & Supplies Inc.
Sunja, Owner/operator, Sunja Link Clothing
Brad Julicher, Owner, The Copper Hat Shaving
Rose Dykstra, The Front Yard Flower Co.
Deb Foote, Co-owner, The Organic Grocer
Leila Tattersall, Owner, The Pender Store
Linh Truong, President, The Soap Dispensary
Clint John and Kathleen Meldrum, owner, The Tandem Bike Cafe
Chris Clay, CEO, Warmland


Florin Gheorghe, CEO & President, Arbutus Medical Inc.
Drew Brayshaw, Principal, Statlu Environmental Consulting LTD.
Christine Nydahl, Administrator, Swordfern Environmental Protections
Thomas Mommsen, CEO, Vedalia Biological Inc.


S. R. McDonald, Proprietor, Beds Shrubs & Hedges
Scot, Owner, Coast West Cleaning Services Ltd
Mike Evans, President/owner, Go Audio Inc
Lee Ann Foster, owner, GumBoot Market
Steve Melanson, Owner, Island Commercial Floor Care
Tim McGrath, Lead Photographer,
Carol Anne Collins, Owner operator,
Suzanne Gay, Cleaner, No Surprises Housecleaning
Zofia Kwiecien, Owner, OZ salon
Willem Buitendyk, President, Pacific Coast Fishery Services
Patricia Lane, Principal, Patricia Lane Settlement Corporation
Sally Sheppard, Owner operator, Sally Sheppard Landscape Dssign
Tisha Boulter, Owner/Operator, SweetHaven Hands
Alyssa Collins, Social Media Coordinator, Thrifty Traditions


Ean Jackson, President, Analytics Marketing Inc
Peter Hallschmid, CEO, Blackcomb Design Automation
Andrea Levin, Owner, Brainflex Website Development
Gordon Casey, Founder, Brave Technology Coop
Clay Braziller, President/Founder, Braziller and Associates Inc.
Tammam Kbeili, Founder & Lead Instructor, CodeCore Technologies Inc.
Andrew Johns, Founder, HoneyBadger
Tom Lockhart, President, Innovelle Technology Consultants Inc
Bradley Shende, CEO, M2O
Inderjit Kanwal, Monomi Automation
Michael Mercier, President, MSoft Consulting Inc
Steve Anderson, Founder, CEO, New/Mode
Mike Gifford, President, OpenConcept Consulting Inc.
Laura Cuthbert, Director, POPULOUS MAP SOCIETY
Will Anderson, CEO, Resolver
Giancarlo Rosa, CEO and Founder, Saturn Apps
Jeff LaPorte, Managing Director, Sorreno Digital Group Ltd.
David Miller, Managing Director, SplitMango Media Inc.
Warren McKay, Director, SunoTech West
Tim Bray, Co-Founder, Textuality Services, Inc., OpenText
Michael Tippett, CEO, Wantoo
Christopher Munz-Michielin, 10VPN Hosting
Kelsey Heikoop, Founder and VP Operations, Adion Systems
Alexandra Moxin, Founder and Host, Advance Tech Media
Macklyn Hardy, CEO and Principal, Affinity Bridge
Tim Bramwell, COO, ASC Creative Ltd
Betsy Agar, Board Chair, BC Sustainable Energy Association
Adrian Ruigrok, CTO, BOWM Technologies, Inc
Toby Reid, CEO, Calypso Solutions International Inc.
Doug Fromson, Principal, Centurion Technology
Felix Böck, CEO, ChopValue Manufacturing Ltd.
James Dean, CEO, CORE Energy Recovery Solutions
Richard Hughes, Cowichan Conversations
Melissa Cutshall, Co owner, Cutshall Creations inc.
Kris Constable, CEO, DecisionTree
Richard Leger, Owner/Pilot, Droneair Aerial Photography
Jerry Kroll, Chief Executive Officer, Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp
Valentine Wu, Director, Enjoyit consulting inc
Myst de Vana, Owner, Freshet Content Solutions
Jo & Rick Tonita, Sr. Partners, Global Partners Inc
Hilary Henegar, Chief Marketing Officer, Hoovie
Alexandra Nestertchouk, CEO, HopKidz Technologies Inc.
Cameron Knowlton, CEO, iGods Internet Marketing Inc.
Michela Toscano, Principal, IONICA Inc.
Tim McGrath, CSO,
Bruce Payan, Kallion Computing Ltd.
Mike McGuinness, CEO, Level-up Software
Jessie D. Kunce, President, Founder, Lighthouse Living Limited
John Gray, CEO, Mentionmapp Analytics
Bill Maurer, President, Millenia Software
Margery Moore, CEO, Moore & Gasperecz Global
Jason Mogus, CEO, NetChange Consulting inc
Shamus Reid, Co-Founder & COO, New/Mode
Robert Safrata, Director, Nova Express Millennium Inc.
Teresa (Teri) Young, CEO, Paxar Technologies Corp
Kelso Kennedy,
Michael Richardson, Chief Scientist, Sandelman Software Works
Simon de Weerdt, CEO, SeahorseHummingbird Productions
Moinul Alam, CEO & Founder, Shinobi Systems
Mo Dhaliwal, Director of Strategy, Skyrocket
Julia Hill, Owner-Administration, Skyway West
BILL CAMPBELL, President, Skyway West Business Internet Solutions
Yiman Jiang, President, Sumus Technology Ltd.
Kathy Woolverton, President, Synergy
J Joly, CEO, The Coup Company
Leanna Killoran, Director, The Hornby Spark
Cheryll Turcotte, Partner, The Local Shift (Business2Mobile Communications)
Thai Truong, CEO, TLC Tech
Ahsanul Sean Alam, Founder & Developer, UNMETERED
Wilson Tang, CEO, Yumebau Inc.
Matt Toner, President, Zeros 2 Heroes Media


Chelsea C Haberlin, Co-Artistic Producer, ITSAZOO Productions Society
Cedar Swan, CEO, Adventure Canada
Susan Lee, Owner, Blackberry Cove Marketplace and Bookstore
Jody Lorenz, Proprietor, Bowen Island Tours
Meira Larose, Owner, Cedar Haven Resort
Ralph Keller, Owner Operator, Coast Mountain Expeditions
Josh Bloomfield, Owner, Cycle City Tours and Rentals
Valerie Shore, Naturalist, Eagle Wing Tours
Brett Soberg, Co-owner, operator, Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours
Erika M Harrison, EcoTone Advisors
Will Woods, Owner, Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours
Aaron W Smith, Founder & CEO, Holidays for Humanity
Richard and Angele Ortega, owners, Johnsons Landing Retreat Center Ltd
Carola Heydemann, Owner/operator, KiZmit Galeria/cafe
Peter Larose, Principal, Larose Research and Strategy
John Barber, Owner,
Mark Wenn, Maek
Mike Moore, Owner and Operator, Misty Isles Adventures
Eric Boyum, Owner/operator, Ocean Adventures Charter Co.
Michelr Steele, Owner/Operator, Raylia Cottage
Yvonne Poirier, Owner, Salt Spring Adventure Co Ltd
Ingmar Lee and Krista Roessingh, Proprietors, Spindrift point Cabins
Robert Safrata, Director, West Coast Sightseeing Ltd.
Beat Steiner, CEO, Bella Coola Heli Sports
Angelika Koch, CEO, Coastal Magic
Erian Baxter, Co-owner, Deep Cove Kayak
Cary Campbell, President, EventStar Services Inc.
Trish Bielicki, Owner/Operator, Harlan's Fine Chocolates
Harvey Armstrong, owner, Johnsons Landing Pottery
Kevin J. Smith, CEO, Maple Leaf Adventures
Brian Henry, President and owner, Ocean River Sports
Gary & Ronda Murdock, Owner & Operator, Pacific Rainforest Adventure Tours
Simon Fawkes, Owner, Providence1903 Charters Ltd.
Ted Bannister, Silver Sea Marine
Brian McKinlay, owner, Silversides Fishing Adventures
Shellie Smyrichinsky, Owner, UB DIVING LTD
Vanessalyyne Mollard, Owner, VLM


John, Owner, Island EV
Benjamin Wells, Executive Director, Shift Delivery
Kody Baker, CEO, VeloMetro Mobility Inc.
Bob Lerch, CEO, B.J. Organic Mechanix & Salvage Ltd.
Gerry Gaydos, Founder, Bumblebee
Don Eadie, President, Don Eadie Consulting